The iSeeLoc Solution

PacifIC technology was developed specifically for location-tracking applications. Other technologies in use today in tracking systems such as Wi-Fi based solutions were developed initially for data communication preventing it from achieving optimized cost/performance results. iSeeLoc’s technology is the most accurate technology at the lowest cost of ownership. As an example, covering a 250,000 sq. ft. site with Wi-Fi-based tracking technology will require installation of over 200 Access Points with accuracy quality of around 10 yards. Utilizing iSeeLoc’s solution – the same facility would be covered with only 5 iSBUs (iSeeLoc’s base stations) while achieving accuracy of less than 1 yard.

iSeeLoc’s PacifIC technology is ideal for large Enterprises looking to mine big-data location information and object tracking analytics to optimize business workflows, Internet Of Things (IoT) and for Safety solutions.

iSeeLoc’s system consists of five modules:

The iSBUs are installed at the area of interest, in fixed locations known to the system. These base stations maintain a wireless, bidirectional communication using the iSLink™ protocol – iSeeLoc wireless local link.

The iSTags are attached to mobile or stationary assets, receive the iSLink signals and estimate their position based on the the iSLink signals.

The position of each iSTag is monitored by the CTU and is uploaded to out cloud servers, enabling secure access to positioning information of all tracked objects anywhere, anytime .

The CTU also used for managing the system. It is connected to a single iSBU, enabling communication with the other iSBUs and iSTags via the iSLink network. A redundant CTU and iSBU configuration will also be supported.

iSAnalytics™ is a cloud based software that enables users to track their tags, generate reports as well as configure triggers for real-time alerts. The system architecture is described in the following diagram: